Chrissy P

With Chrissy P’s layered personality, you can always expect the unexpected.  From Baltimore, MD, Chrissy is a model and accountant.  Her sophisticated, academic style is the perfect foil to her co-host. Although Chrissy adds a philosophical approach, she will always give the facts, raw and uncut.


Born and raised in North Carolina, Kay is now living it up in sunny Miami.  She is a former model that turned her experience into a business venture by starting her own model management group.  Kay’s quick wit and one-liners add a dash of laughter to the LU  shows and will always give it to you “real and unscripted”.


Taylor West; “celeb” co-host


Nikki of #AskNikki on Twitter; “Sexual Taboos”

Daniel; “Battle of the Sexes” & “Lovers and Friends”

Brandon; “Battle of the Sexes, Part Deux”, “BET Awards”

Connie of Pure Romance’; Let’s Talk About Sex”

Kenyetta; “Double Life: Living on the DL”