Yes, we said CANDIES!  There are two chocolate morsels to add to the roster as LU Man Candy!  Jeezy (for the ladies that like a little thug in their life) and Nate Parker (Secret Life of Bees, The Great Debaters, Red Tails, Pride…)

Here are some of the looks, videos and tips that we discussed on the “Make Me Over” episode of Fierce As Fashion:


Newspaper Nails:

Makeup Tutorial:


Spring Makeup Trends

BBMA Fashions:

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Link 2

D’Angelo.  Heeeeeee’s back!  The man who had the signature “D’Angelo cuts” made famous in the “How Does It Feel” video is back with a vengeance.  Take a look at this GQ spread that he did for their June issue.





Idris Elba

Our special guest, Ayeasha, hit the nail right on the head with this one!  His sexy accent and undeniable swagger make him the perfect Man Candy Candidate.  Not only is Ayeasha #modelfocused, but #mancandyfocused too!


Mmmmmmmm….Mark Wahlberg!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson









Can you smeeeellllll what THE ROCK is cooking?  We wish we could…literally!  This is one Nice Piece of American Man Candy that we’re sure smells like daffodils and sunshine.  Everything about him is amazing and who can resist that smile?!

Columbus Short

Mr. Stomp the Yard himself is our Man Candy of the moment.  This St. Louis native is one of the sexiest men alive in Kay’s book!  In the words of “Men on Film” …he gets 2 snaps in Z-formation!










Instead of our traditional man candy, we decided to do an “eye candy” in honor of our Barsexuals epidose.  Tonight, we give the crown to Rihanna.  She is sexy…and she knows it.  She’s also pretty well known for groping herself and women at the drop of a hat too.  Biggups to de RudeGal!.

Richard Gere

What makes Richard Gere so sexy?  Well, the answer may not be that obvious to many, but this man’s sex appeal is timeless.  Yes, he has aged, but he is still as vibrant and sexy as ever and we salute him for that alone.  I mean, who else can you say was born in 1949 and looks good.  He’s truly a vintage man candy and People Magazine agrees.  He was named Sexiest Man Alive in 1999.

If you tuned in to this Sundays show, there was some really great advice given by celebrity stylist, Vimbai Grace.  First, we found out that Lace Front wigs were originally made for those that suffered from Cancer or Alopecia.  However, we see some of our fave celebs rocking them more and more.

Vimbai also gave us some great tips on products you can find in your home to aid in your natural haircare journey as well as some great transition tips.  We will post a few recipes, but if you want all the deets, check out our archived show or contact Vimbai!


Facebook     Web    Phone:  919-418-0992


Deep Conditioner

1 avocado
3 heaping tbsp Mayo
olive oil

*honey is a great sheen and conditioning home product.  Avocado also contains great protein for your hair and can also double as a mask for your face !


Hair Cleanser

2 cups warm water

1/2 cup lemon

Pour contents on hair and let sit for about 10 minutes.  Rinse and condition as normal.


Also on the LU List of things to do: Henna Hair Dye

Honey Straightening Treatment (below)