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Torrey Smith

Tonight’s Man Candy Moment is brought to you by the letters S-E-X and Y!  Torrey Smith is just that.  This WR for the Ravens  has a tantalizing smile and superior skill on the field.


Idris Elba

Our special guest, Ayeasha, hit the nail right on the head with this one!  His sexy accent and undeniable swagger make him the perfect Man Candy Candidate.  Not only is Ayeasha #modelfocused, but #mancandyfocused too!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson









Can you smeeeellllll what THE ROCK is cooking?  We wish we could…literally!  This is one Nice Piece of American Man Candy that we’re sure smells like daffodils and sunshine.  Everything about him is amazing and who can resist that smile?!










Instead of our traditional man candy, we decided to do an “eye candy” in honor of our Barsexuals epidose.  Tonight, we give the crown to Rihanna.  She is sexy…and she knows it.  She’s also pretty well known for groping herself and women at the drop of a hat too.  Biggups to de RudeGal!.

In response to our “Lovers and Friends” episode:


I love Daniel! And this thing about “women commit to a lie” when they go through with one, and get friends to join in and back them up on their story.(lmao)  And the friend who refers to “the guy” by the restaurant she met him at.(haha)

Is there a way to make live FB comments during your show? And, on a sidenote, I think this one girl I’m interested in may have multiple current jumpoffs. We went on one date so far, but she made it clear that she just wants to date, and is dating multiple guys now. Thing is, when I had a brief go-around with her last year, one of the first things she tells me (doing questions/answers) is that her biggest vice is she LOVES to have sex. Ok, who doesn’t…….but I was left a little torn on whether that’s something I’d even want to pursue with her, “knowing” that she’d probably be hooking up with who knows how many dudes.

So that’s one example of where a guy might not be open to being a jumpoff……if he “knows” that he could be one of many. 🙂

Thanks so much to our listener! As far as making live comments during the show, you can post them on our Fanpage, but you will get a much faster response through our live chats during the show: http://www.blogtalkradio/ladiesunscripted. Best of luck with you “ladyfriend” too. lol