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Torrey Smith

Tonight’s Man Candy Moment is brought to you by the letters S-E-X and Y!  Torrey Smith is just that.  This WR for the Ravens  has a tantalizing smile and superior skill on the field.

TJ Holmes

Ladies, we may have just found a reason to watch the news.  Former CNN host and now host of BET’s Don’t Sleep”, TJ Holmes has us wide awake.  LORDHAVEMERCY!!!









Cullen Jones

We’re giving tonight’s honor to a dear friend and certified cutie!  His infectious smile and swimmer’s body is enough to make any woman watch the Olympics this year!  Congrats Cullen on 2 Silver medals and 1 Gold!  #GOPACK!!



Channing Tatum


Although the decision was a tough one with all of the man candy in Magic Mike, we settled on the star of the movie, Channing Tatum as our Man Candy of the Moment.  And…as promised, we found him in a grey tie 🙂



And…Kay’s statement has been confirmed, Channing is, in fact, a former male dancer.  Check him out with the real “Magic Mike” below:

real magic mike london steels mike sorrentino with channing tatum stripping


We would keep going…but we want to give you time to wipe the drool from your lower lip.

Yes, we said CANDIES!  There are two chocolate morsels to add to the roster as LU Man Candy!  Jeezy (for the ladies that like a little thug in their life) and Nate Parker (Secret Life of Bees, The Great Debaters, Red Tails, Pride…)

D’Angelo.  Heeeeeee’s back!  The man who had the signature “D’Angelo cuts” made famous in the “How Does It Feel” video is back with a vengeance.  Take a look at this GQ spread that he did for their June issue.





Idris Elba

Our special guest, Ayeasha, hit the nail right on the head with this one!  His sexy accent and undeniable swagger make him the perfect Man Candy Candidate.  Not only is Ayeasha #modelfocused, but #mancandyfocused too!


Mmmmmmmm….Mark Wahlberg!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson









Can you smeeeellllll what THE ROCK is cooking?  We wish we could…literally!  This is one Nice Piece of American Man Candy that we’re sure smells like daffodils and sunshine.  Everything about him is amazing and who can resist that smile?!