Hello loves!

Here are some of our top selections for books as we discussed on this past radio show.  Let us know your top picks for a book review:

1.  GONE GIRL, by Gillian Flynn: A woman disappears on the day of her fifth anniversary; is her husband a killer?

2.  PENELOPE, by Rebecca Harington: Rebecca’s debut novel is a witty, hilarious take on a girl’s freshman year at Harvard (and Rebecca actually went to Harvard, so it’s pretty accurate). It’ll make you simultaneously miss college and be glad that you’ve already graduated.

3.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR by Kimberla Lawson Roby: Her first marriage didn’t work out, but that isn’t going to stop Alicia Black, the privileged daughter of the charismatic Reverend Curtis Black, from getting what she wants. One month after her wedding to her second husband, she can’t believe her good fortune. But God acts in mysterious ways, and soon a host of lies, long-time secrets, and acts of betrayal come to light, and Alicia must face some very crucial and life-changing decisions. This time, though, she’s got to be careful what she prays for. . . .

If there are other books that you would like to have considered, please let us know and we will add them.  Voting starts on July 29, 2012.