During our most recent episode, “Natural Law”, we gave everyone a ton of info that we thought would be useful for all those transitioning or just plain out struggling with your natural hair.  Here is an overview of the info we gave out below.  For more detailed information, be sure to listen to our archived version of the show.


Knowing Your Hair Type

Type 1: Naturally straight with no waves or curls

Type 2: Slight wave with a definite “s” pattern.

Type 3: Has curls, but may appear pretty straight when wet.  This type can easily be straightened with a blow dryer and has 3 subtypes.  3a is loosely curled and has very shiny, big curls.  3b has a medium amount of curl with corkscrew twist.  3c can be defined as either very kinky or very tightly curled.

Type 4: Has coils and is kinky in texture.  The hair looks durable, but is usually very wiry, tightly coiled and extremely fragile.  With this type, you will either be 4a (has an “s” pattern when stretched) or 4b (hair bends at angles like the letter “‘z”).

Check out Treasured Locks for photos and more info on hair types.



Great Products to Use

Shea Moisture (submitted by T. Williams)

Kinky Curly

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling  Gel

Taliah Wajjid (submitted by T. Williams)

Organic Root Stimulator (submitted by S. Kilpatrick)



Afrikan Republic

Jamaican Mango & Lime




Black Girl with Long Hair (submitted by Y. May)
Motown Girl

Curly Nikki (submitted by S. Marshall)

Afroniquely You


Newly Natural


YouTube Channels






And for our Florida people, make sure you contact our Natural Hair expert, Ayize (Alize’ with a “y” instead of an “l”) for all of your haircare needs!  Even if you’re not in FL, find her on FB page and ask for advice or just show her some love 🙂